Welcome to Björke Vävstuga

Björke gård is a farm situated in the heart of Östergötland county with a history that stems back from the 17th century. It is set in a beautiful landscape of an old mining district and is surrounded by billowy fields. Here you will find Björke Vävstuga, a company founded in 1981 by Britta Eriksson and Ylwa Källgren. These two women started their weaving as a hobby, that years after has grown into full-fledged profession that involves all aspects from designing patterns, choosing colors and weaving techniques, to the final product. You can buy the products in the shop, on our webshop or via e-mail.

In the old ryehouse you will find the weavery. Mechanicel shuttle looms are usedto produce the fabric in a traditional way. The trademark of Björke Vävstuga is the weaving technique “huck” in many colors. Shimmering stripes and squares will give lustre to your life!Welcome to Björke where you will have the opportunity to experience our inspiring environment!

Britta Eriksson & Ylwa Källgren and staff

About Björke Vävstuga

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